Visa and Work permit

Foreigners seeking a prolonged stay, or those coming to work in Thailand, should obtain non-immigrant visas for all family member prior to enter the Kingdom. There are several categories of non-Immigrant visas which include, among others, business visa category (B), dependent visa category (O), investment subject to the provision of the laws on investment promotion (BOI IB), diplomatic and consular visa category (D), performance of duties with the mass media (M), performance of skilled or expert work (EX), investment with concurrence of ministries and departments concerned or capital investment (IM), study or observation (ED) which Foreign nationals who intend to remain in Thailand to work or conduct business must comply with visa requirements in addition to obtaining a work permit by work permit which are valid for the period of the visa and have to be renewed every year and If foreigner want to come or out to Thailand. There must to apply re-entry visa too. By re-entry have 2 category is single re-entry and multiple-re-entry. In addition, foreigners residing in Thailand for more than 90 days are required to register their address with Immigration Bureau every 90 day.

Non-Immigrant visa are issued for the following purpose and duration:

• Diplomats or consular missions (duration as necessary)
• Official missions (duration as necessary)
• An investment which has received authorization from the appropriation government authorities (2 years)
• Investment or other business in connection with investment under the Investment Promotion Act (as determined by the BOI)
• The controller or crew of a conveyance entering a port or other locality in the Kingdom (30 days)
• Work as a skilled laborer or specialist (1 years)

In response to feedback from investor, the BOI coordinated the establishment of a One-Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permit, Through joint cooperation with the Immigration Bureau and the Ministry of Labour.

One Stop Service Center at 18th fl, Chamchuri Square Building Phayathai rd, Phathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Immigration Division 1 Office at Chalermprakiat Government Complex, Chaengwattana Rd, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

Immigration offices throughout the country.

Department of employment of Ministry of Labour at Mit Maitri Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Department of employment at any provinces of Thailand.