– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Government Contracts)
The firm represented Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in a white collar crime case relating to public contracts in Thailand. This was the first time in history that Thai government retained a specialized private law firm to replace the Attorney General’s office as the representative of the authority. The firm acted as plaintiff’s attorney in taking legal action against nineteen defendants who were former politicians and powerful construction contractors. The amount claimed in the complaint was approximately Baht 30 Billion, representing the biggest cheating case ever filed with Thai court. In November 2005 the court made a ruling that the case had grounds and that the trial be commenced.
– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Fraud and Embezzlement)
Represented a US client that took over a Thai leasing company which was a subsidiary of the 56 finance companies ordered to be shut down by the government. On behalf of the client he filed suit against the former management more than ten fraud and embezzlement cases with the criminal court and more than fifteen civil cases demanding the sum of Baht 1.5 Billion.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Arbitration Case)
A joint venture consortium filed a complaint against Pollution Control Department with the Arbitration Institution and claimed approximately Baht 6.2 Billion. He and his assistants defended the Pollution Control Department in court proceedings related to the order appointing an arbitrator, and in the arbitration proceeding. Later on Pollution Control Department filed a cross-compliant for approximately Baht 23 Billion.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Bank Guarantee Case)
A group of international and Thai banks issued performance and retention bank guarantees for the authority in a construction project in the approximate sum of Baht 3 Billion. He and his assistants represented the Pollution Control Department in the civil court demanding payment under such bank guarantees due to breaches of the contractor-debtor.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Joint Venture Dispute Case)
The firm represented a Japanese company with a branch office in Thailand in taking a civil action against the other joint venture partners that breached the partnership agreement. The court issued judgment for the plaintiff for over Baht 100 Million plus interest.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Shares Option Agreement Case)
The firm represented a subsidiary Corporation of Asian Development Bank in taking a civil action against a debtor in Thailand. The court ordered the debtor-defendant to buy back shares or to make payment to the plaintiff for the previously agreed purchase price. In a similar case, he represented a reputable Singaporean management corporation in a civil action case which also resulted in a court ruling in favor of his client.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (International Transaction Case)
His firm represented a client form the United States in a dispute relating to payments under securitization portfolios in Thailand. The case was against the reputable insurer of promissory notes in New York, the Supreme Court gave an order in favor of his client, ruling that the court procedures had to be litigated in the Intellectual Property Court and not the Civil Court since the case combined several international transactions and not a domestic one as claimed by the opponent.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Telecommunication Case)
The firm represented several clients relating to disputes under Thai telecommunication laws. The disputes were whether the target businesses were illegally competing with a Thai telecommunication state enterprise.

– Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Creditor Sharing Case)
The firm represented FMO, the Netherlands Development Finance Company, that lent funds to a borrower in Thailand. The creditors agreed on the sharing of liquidated assets under auction procedures in Thailand and we assisted the client in the court procedures and in preparation of related agreements.

– Thailand-lawyer/ Litigation (Purchase and Sale Case)
The firm represented a client from the United States in civil court litigation enforcing a purchase and sale agreement of an entertainment complex.

– Thailand-lawyer/ Litigation (Bankruptcy Case)
The firm represented a New York corporation client in a bankruptcy case in Thailand, demanding for payment from the pooled assets of a bankrupted debtor. There were also related lawsuits concurrently took place in the United States and the firm worked closely with the other two well known law firms in New York and California respectively.

-Thailand-lawyer / Litigation (Insurance Case)
The firm represented a well known Japanese insurance company with branch office in Thailand in several maritime transportation disputes and resulted in favorable outcomes for the client, all the way up to final decision of the Supreme Court.